Terri Pantini Floral Designer

Meet Terri

There’s never been a time I haven’t been surrounded by flowers. Since very early on as a child, I had always a love and curiosity for the flowers in our gardens. This fascination has led to my life’s work as a floral designer, artist and creator of beautiful things!

FLEUR SOIREE was born of this passion. Throughout years of curating floral events in Newport and the surrounding areas, I have built impeccable relations with area event planners and venue coordinators. Friendships too.

Combining colors and textures cultivated by unyielding curiosity, passion for detail and letting the flowers speak for themselves, our event designing results in natural and effortless beauty. This would not be possible without a confident relationship with our clients who trust that we are listening to them and creating designs reflecting their tastes.

Our focus is to create memorable and breathtaking experiences filled with exceptional beauty and detail. Nothing brings us more joy than conceptualizing a one-of-a-kind design for each of our events. Our design aesthetic combines a unique collection of seasonal and available local blooms with lush foliage and beautiful textured accents while keeping each flowers natural beauty in sight.

When putting pen to paper for your curated floral designs, we keep in mind everything from your sense of style to the colors that speak to you. Taking the time to understand your preferences and inspirations, allows us to refine your vision for your event as well as provide a supportive and genuine experience.

Your celebration is a story that should be told the way you see it, through one-on-one consultations, unique floral arrangements, personal flower statements and inspiration at every turn.